Our modern cities, now full of cars parked everywhere, need public parking. Innovative products of high qualitative and technological level allow an optimal management, maximizing profits and data security against frauds. ParkNet proposes a wholly developed but simple to use software, open to future needs, together with a full range of standard interfaces that allow remote and automatic management of the parking. The standard graphic interface allows the intuitive management of all applications and of the respective functions. The application package is based on software modules, that can be updated and installed when the need should arise, scaling up the performance with new technologies and services.

The Web management can be easily integrated in a company portal or in an already existing web site. The access can be permitted to single users or to a whole company in order to allow it to manage the access of its cars and employees in a full autonomous way.

ParkNet assures to the users a secure parking and forbids improper use of the parking areas. Moreover with its parking management system it is the right answer to the needs of public and private managers. The system in fact is engineered to satisfy the needs of small and big parkings, while the modularity of its components can easily scale up the system.

The ParkNet software can easily handle various type of users, belonging to different groups, with different timezones and different space allocation politics. It can also automate the different operative and administrative functions , identifying the user type (subscriber, occasional user) and the staying time of every car in an automatic way.

ParkNet uses Balogh cards with a long range (2.45 GHz) Identification System , that boasts read distances ranging from 0.5 meters to 10 meters. The user in this way doesn’t need to insert the card in a reader, but he has only to keep it in the car. As you can see in the photo in this page the system isn’t invasive, doesn’t cause esthetic problem for the modest visual impact and it is very simple to install.

The subscribers can follow very flexible access rules as per their allocation group and their time restrictions (ideal for offices); limited validity cards can be easily programmed (for hotels clients); service cars or taxis can access to the system and their passage can be recorded (for hotels or markets). The automation system ParkNet, using the antipassback function , assures a correct and secure payment and the immediate count of the number of cars present in the parking. ParkNet updates in real time the occupation statistics. The user will be really satisfied of the operative easiness, of the access and exit speeds and of the simple but complete online documentation. The system flexibility, the simple installation and the possibility of personalization make ParkNet the right answer to the problem of parking automation.

The entry in the parking takes place through a contactless card brought near the reader. The control unit that manages the entire system stores in the database all the subscriber and car informations : name, address, fiscal data, car data, parking type, subscription expiration, etc. The application in the control unit allows to manage the subscription lifecycle ,starting from the emission, up to the cancellation and to the requested changes. The entry and exit time of every subscriber can be easily visualized. Every subscriber can be allocated a reserved or a collect place.

The connection between all systems and the corresponding real time exchange of information allows every peripheral unit to ask the control unit for the subscription status or other data. The antipassback logic allows to know immediately if a car is inside or outside of the parking. Thanks to this control it is possible to deny to a subscriber to put more than one car in the parking. The subscribers can have also a pedestrian access in addition to the car access using a contactless card. This allows at the same company to has a different number of car places and pedestrian accesses.

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