Power management

TraliccioThe product we deliver is the solution for power management in industrial applications; a very high level of sturdiness, of protection from water and corrosive gases, the autonomous refrigeration system allowing operation with an extended temperature range, characterize the product and allow its usage in very unfavourable environments.

The TCP/IP very high speed connection allows the generation of detailed reports of plant operation and an extensive self diagnosis of the instrument’s operating conditions; we use industry standard Ethernet 10Base T interfaces with protected plugs and cabling where needed.

The careful system engineering allows a full product expandibility with optional boards that are fully customizable.

With the normally available option boards it is possible to:

  • check digital and analog inputs,
  • monitor various temperatures using thermocouples
  • generate command signals (eg: for PLC interfacing) related with states or specific conditions of the machinery

With the proposed system many useful functions can be easily obtained:

  • The load monitoring and control allows to eliminate or reduce the power peaks over the agreed limits, limiting the penalties imposed by the power companies in those cases. The knowledge if the historical profiles of power consumption of each load/machinery is also very useful to correctly optimize the power delivery contracts
  • The storage in a remote central database of the real power need of each user and of course of the whole plant is a must for finding the exact time distribution and levels needed for the power supply, greatly helping the search for the best power delivery. The network connection via TCP/IP makes it possible to supervise and control from a central point all the power management, easily modifying and adapting the power and limitation profiles.
  • The monitoring and splitting of internal power lines is a great help for correctly debiting to each process the true energy costs.
  • When using cogeneration plants the balance between bought, sold or used power is easily managed.

Dimensions: 202x232x113

Power supply: 24 Volt AC or DC, 6 Ampere at full load with active refrigeration

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