Digiclock GPS

GpsDigiClock GPS receives timing information from the GPS satellite fleet using an internal antenna and radio module; a microprocessor then processes the received data and makes it available both on an Ethernet 100 Base Tx local area network interface with EIA/TIA 568 standard connection and on a serial asynchronous interface according to the EIA/TIA 561 standard; an elevated precision internal clock with a backup power source gives an accurate time reference even when the GPS signal is temporarily unavailable.

DigiClock GPS can be connected to every Personal Computer or device with an Ethernet LAN port or an asynchronous serial port..

The network protocol supported over the Ethernet interface is TCP/IP; it is possible to assign a static IP address or use the DHCP protocol to obtain an automatic address assignment.

Digiclock GPS offers over the network, both using UDP and TCP where feasible, the following services:

  • daytime (RCF-867)
  • time (RCF-868)
  • SNTPv4 (RCF-2030)

On the serial port a pulse per second output is available together with the raw NMEA or Motorola binary protocol (e.g. to synchronize a network NTP server) ; the factory setting supports the protocol of our older time source model, the Digiclock DCF77.

Digiclock GPSDigiClock GPS has been engineered for external wall mounting and IP64 degree of protection, with and extended moisture and temperature range; of course it can be used in less tough operating environments; for interior usage it is suggested to ask for the external antenna version, where you can use a 5 Volt preamplified antenna or buy one of our suggested models.

A microprocessor driven controller continuously checks in real time the reliability of the received time signal and keeps synchronized the local self-powered high precision clock; the accuracy of the internal clock is within +/- 1 minute per year in the temperature range between 0oC and +40o C or +/-4 minutes per year in the temperature range between -40o C and 80o C.

When operating with an active and reliable GPS signal the obtainable precision without further devices is in the order of millisecons; when used with an external NTP server a precision of nanoseconds can be reached too.

Together with DigiClock GPS is delivered a setup utility program, running in Windows operating system, to make easier the initial parameters’ setting of the device.


Technical Characteristics:

Material: ABS (UL 94 HB)

Color: RAL 9002

Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 95 mm

Synchronization: automatic and continuous with data integrity verification

Power supply: 12-35 V D.C.

Absorbed power : 8 W

Serial connection: EIA/TIA 561, 1200 bps 8 bit no parity 1 stop bit

Connection: Ethernet 100 Base TX, TCP/IP protocol


Software compatibility
All operating systems starting from Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional directly support, using simple commands, the connection with DigiClock GPS ; it is therefore also compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Home, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. We enclose instructions and patches for Microsoft Windows NT 4 Workstation and Microsoft Windows NT 4 Server. A simple application program, included in the DigiClock GPS Software Kit, makes it also usable with Microsoft Windows 98/ME. Linux natively supports DigiClock GPS. Other operating systems can easily be connected ; please ask to our offices.

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