.There is often the need to advise system users about actions to be executed or particular operating sequences, but, specially when the people is not trained, this is not an easily obtainable target if using only simple acoustic beepers or displays. The right solution is in those cases a vocal announcement system that guides the user thru all the needed steps, greatly enhancing friendliness and usability.

This need can be easily satisfied using SmartVox, a simple electronic board that integrates vocal emission capabilities and universal electrical interfaces, delivering voice output features to existing systems e.g. for automatic payment.

SmartVox can be easily driven both with a common RS-232-C/V.24 serial port, and with a simple contact logic.

It has been engineered to integrate with existing audio interphone equipment, with the capability of speaker sharing and stopping or restarting the audio play on demand; this feature greatly reduces the interference between automatic operation and manual operator assistance.

It is possibile to store more than 90 messages with a total length of 5 minutes, with 1/5 of second steps; every message can nevertheless be replaced at any time without interfering with the other previous ones: SmartVox is like a digital disk, where audio messages are stored instead of data, with an high quality, much better than phone line.

SmartVox is microprocessor based and can easily be reconfigured, even in field, both with custom specified adaptations and in the usual operating parameter, simply using our programming tool delivered together with the board.

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