There is a growing need to acquire digital signals and to drive power outputs from a PC in an industrial environment; the requirements in terms of simplicity of connection and of reliability of the product are more and more demanding.

USB-IO is the right answer to the requirements of an heavy duty environment; last but not least it is very simple to integrate in your application, thanks to the integrated USB Hub, the quick snap-in contacts, the ready to use software libraries, that reduce the installation costs.

A special care has been placed in the planning of the management of the emergency inputs with the implementation of hardware and software interlocks; the power supply is galvanically isolated in order to improve the protection from electromagnetic disturbances and ground loops.

The safety is assured from an interlock that in every condition of operation (with an out of order card too) switches off all the outputs in case of an active emergency signal.

The choice of an USB interface for the control of the card guarantees maximum speed, high independence from the hardware of platform PC and easy expansion of the number of connected cards.

The production and engineering of USB-IO are entirely made in Europe, guarantee of quality and duration, and of constant availability of the product over the years.

General technical features:

Supply voltage: 22-27 Volt (isolated from USB and I/O)

Supply power: 8 W (max)

Working Temperature: from 0 to +60 degrees Celsius

Storage Temperature: from 40 to +85 degrees Celsius

Size: 188 mm (width) , 130 mm (height), 90mm (depth)

Interfaces: 17 optocoupled inputs 24V DC, 16 power relays (contacts able to withstand 2A 250 V AC/CA), 1 USB B port, 2 USB B ports

Mounting: rail mount in accordance to DIN 46277 and EN50022


Technical features of inputs:

Number of inputs: 17

Operative voltage: 24 V C.C.

Protection: optocouplers with 565 V p.p. maximum operative voltage.

Connectors: quick snap-in contacts


Output technical features:

Number of outputs: 16

Type: relay contact, normally open, able to withstand and switch 2A 250V AC / DC potential free ( optionally available also a SPDT contact)

Connectors: quick snap-in contacts


USB ports technical features:

Type: 1 B port autonomously powered for the host connection and 2 A ports for the hub expansion outputs.

Connectors: 1 USB B connector and 2 USB A connectors


Main advantages:

Mounting rails in accordance to DIN norm for quick mounting: it’s the ideal solution for industrial applications.

Modularity: the presence of an hub USB integrated on the card allows to connect directly to an host port up to 256 cards for a maximum of 4096 inputs and 4096 outputs.

The isolated power supply guarantees an elevate immunity to power disturbances and glitches, or to ground loops

The state of the inputs and outputs is shown through high efficiency LEDs

The card is equipped with an hardware emergency function: a special input can be programmed ( the function is normally active, it can be delivered inactive on request) to turn off all the outputs independently of control software whenever it becomes inactive.

The board has a command frame time-out control that turns off all the outputs if it doesn’t receive commands from the host within a time interval software configurable.

The board doesn’t require the installation of particular drivers: it is supplied with an interface library for Linux and Windows, with plenty of examples.


Technical Data

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